Software for Students is unique. We are teachers and we develop software  and books for learners of English (ESL and EFL).  We have provided software for learners of English since 1995. All of the materials which form the basis of our software and books utilize authentic writing, writing from our students, which they contributed to the learning projects.  While most of the writing contributions were made by ESL students, contributions were also made by native speakers of English who were taking remedial writing classes.


Our main software application is Easy Writer, first published in 1995.  This is an interactive application and was tested for years in college ESL classes before it was released to the public.  From this initial application, we have now published "Easy Writer Deluxe", an audio application, "The Sounds of Writing",  an audio application useful for the development of reading and listening, "The Grammar HELP! Student Handbook", useful to develop grammar and editing skills, and our "ESL HELP! Desk" and online resource room.

Online Resources

Our online resources provide additional writing, reading, and listening activities for learners of English. It is a center for teachers and for students.  Teachers can obtain lesson plans and activities here; students can download the .pdf files of the essays, listen to the essays online, listen to and read a variety of lessons on grammar, American manners, mannerisms, life and cultural institutions, "how to's" and other helpful and practical lessons and topics.

IVY BOOKS  Ivy Books

Our newest emphasis is on our books.  Our books are designed for readers of all ages. Hardback editions are full color and are formatted for children and library use. Paperpack editions are formatted for all ages. The kindle versions are full color and formatted with special effects. We have our readers' needs in mind!