With Easy Writer, you can choose the story or  essay that you want to work with. Choose from over 85 essays that were written by ESL students, stories that are interesting and exciting,  and that provoke thought and conversation.

In addition, the Checklist of Stories from our Teacher/Student Resource package will help you to plan what to do because it tells you the difficulty level of each story and essay.  This Resource Package is now available in .pdf format for download.

If you are working on Level 2, Level 3, or the Expert Level, you will also have to edit and correct those errors once you have found them. When you click on an error, a text box appears and you will type what you think the correct grammatical form or spelling is.


Listen to a sample of one of our Level One stories now!

Do you hate those annoying buzzers everything you or your students get a wrong answer? We believe in encourating people to try again, not in punishing them for a wrong answer.  With Easy Writer, you'll be rewarded for trying out an idea with the English language; you will not be penalized for getting the wrong answer. You will hear NO buzzers to make you feel badly....You will receive positive and encouraging feedback!


Do you or your students hate being timed? Or being cut off in the process of trying to work out a problem?  With Easy Writer, there is no limit to how long you can work on a particular story, no limit on the number of tries you can make to correct an error, and no penalty for a wrong answer.

All Software for Students Products Use ONLY Authentic Language
from Real ESL and Remedial Writing Students


Our Grammar Help! feature is unique!

Simply click on the word or words that you want more information about, and the computer will bring you to the appropriate Grammar Help! page and explain  all that you need to know. It's like having a teacher right there! Many of the grammar explanations are interactive, too!

Students and teachers will quickly learn how
to log on, how to use it, and how to get around - because Easy Writer Standard and Deluxe were
developed by a teacher and used in classrooms for years before it was
released to the public!

Easy log in and log off. Quick to get started.  No wasted class time logging on or navigating back to where you were the previous class.

"My Log" keeps a record of what Level you worked on, what Grammar Category you worked on, the Name of Each Story you worked on, the Time each story was Entered and Exited.


Sample Page 2: Editing Essays

After you have chosen the level and grammar category, you will see a story menu listing a number of essays available for that level and category.  Each essay is color-coded to help you to choose the right difficulty level for you. 

is easier.
is  moderately difficult.
BLUE is the most difficult. 

Choose a difficulty level you are comfortable  with, or  challenge yourself!  There is a right level for everybody.  Your "Checklist of Stories" will also help you to make this choice.  

With so many interesting essay topics to choose from, you will be thrilled and captivated to read stories written by students such as yourself, stories about topics that students like you are interested in and find personally meaningful, essays that recollect your own rich and varied personal experiences.

When you have selected your essay, you will now be introduced to the main story page. 
The "My Score" button gives you real-time scoring for each page!
A user-initiated timer displays how long the student has been working on the essay.
It's so easy to get "Grammar HELP!"  For more information, see below.

Get Feedback

  Click "Check My Answer" to see if you are correct. When you are not, you will receive hints as to what to look for to improve on your next try.

Try as many times as you want.  Experiment with English!  

Be a problem-solver! 
We encourage you to test ideas, which is so important when learning a language. 

Grammar HELP!

Easy Writer is perfect for the self-directed learner.

Navigate with Ease

Are you a teacher who is not comfortable with using the computer?  Or are you a student who is not familiar with English or computers?

You're always in the driver's seat with Easy Writer's quick and easy navigation!

Log in, Record-keeping, Print your log, Log out