Our Student/Teacher Resource Package

We have a number of resources in our Resource Package to enhance learning. The resources are useful for teachers and students.  Click below to see one sample page from each.

The multi-colored Checklist of Stories.

Organized by Level, Grammar category, and essay. Can be used to help the teacher prepare lessons and can also help the teacher and student keep track of what has already been done, and what
more there is to do.

The Bridge to Grammar.

Four levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Expert Level.

This resource bridges the grammar from each
Easy Writer essay to the appropriate unit in The Grammar HELP! Student Handbook

Organized by Grammar  Unit (e.g. Prepositions, Punctuation, Verbs, etc.), then by essay (e.g. Leaving Honduras, Money and Love, etc.).

We have two versions of the Bridge to Grammar: One version is a .pdf file that can be filled in by hand. The other version is an editable Word document that can be used for online learning; teachers and students enter their information online, save it, and send the newly revised file back. 

Hence, teachers can assign various lessons in the book and email the assignment to students, who can prepare at home, and then do the associated essays in the
Easy Writer software, and then email the revised file back to the teacher.

The Concordance of Errors

Organized by grammar error type, catalogues the essays within each grammar error that feature this particular error. Useful for teachers.

The Inner Circle

An online resource where learners can listen to the Easy Writer Stories in mp3 format 
and download
blackline masters of the Easy Writer stories, unedited and edited versions (.pdf format). Paragraphs and essays to edit! Visit our Inner Circle. GROUP AND CLASSROOM RATES AVAILABLE.